Charly Derouault
Joanne - Typedesign
Un détour dans le tour - Editorial - Master Thesis at énsba Lyon. Under the supervision of Catherine Guiral and Alice Savoie.
Prélude - Editorial - 99×228mm, 704p. Under the supervision of Thomas Bizzarri and Alain Rodriguez.
Road transports Coupard - Visual Identity - Under the supervision of Hugo Anglade and Alaric Garnier.
Road transports Coupard - Webdesign, Photographic report
Cross - Typedesign
Dérives périphériques - Editorial - 229×177mm, 66p. Under the supervision of Jean-Marie Courant.
Golden Pin - Photography, Editorial - 250×313mm, 24p. Photo print : 1200×1800mm, 594×420mm. Under the supervision of Paul Rousteau.
Ci-gît l’entière confession de ma fraude - Editorial - 130×205mm, 272p.
Internet est matériel - Editorial - 215×305mm, 262p.
Les Gothiques d’Amiens hockey team - Visual Identity - Sublimation printing, hockey jersey VE-Mesh 200g/m².
Nightspace - Editorial - 200×290mm, 202p.
Paysages - Editorial - 297×420mm, 36p. In collaboration with Arnaud Chemin, Léo Fouan et Romain Garcia.
Mapping - Coding, music, live performance - In collaboration with Romain Garcia.
Échec et mat au cœur de la guerre froide - Editorial - 130×210mm, 96p.

2020 - NOW
Master Type Design at écal, Lausanne (CH).
2019 - NOW
Type Designer at 205TF, Lyon (FR).
2018 - 2020
Master Graphic Design at énsba, Lyon (FR).
With honours
2017 - 2019
Bachelor Graphic Design at ésad, Amiens (FR).
With honours